Laser Cutting in Metal Fabrication

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Laser Cutting in Metal Fabrication

A common practice among metal fabrication shops, laser cutting provides precise, repeatable and quick cutting speeds when fabricating metal. These machines utilize technology via a laser beam to cut and etch a variety of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

Laser cutting has emerged as one of the most frequently utilized technologies available in manufacturing.The technology is used in the manufacturing of products for a wide variety of industries including food & beverage, manufacturing of machinery, and farm implement manufacturing. This highly intuitive process leads to increased productivity, long-term reliability, competitive pricing, and shorter lead times.

Accuracy and Repeatability

Among the numerous advantages that laser cutting provides, accuracy and repeatability are the most notable. Laser cutting is a heavily automated process controlled by advanced nesting software that leads to highly accurate, detailed cuts, and higher raw material utilization. This reliability leads to increased output, efficient processes, minimal downtime, and decreased setup and labor costs.

In the last decade, lasers have replaced many of the more traditional pieces of equipment(shears, ironworkers, punches, drill press, and saws) as the primary piece of equipment used for first stage fabrication. Their speed, efficiency and accuracy cannot be matched and is now the preferred method for many industries including transportation, oil and gas, and agriculture.

Tighter Tolerances

When cutting components for various industries, customers demand precise cuts. Laser cutting of metal can achieve the precise tolerances necessary for the customer. This can help to ensure accurate cuts each time and lead to a reduction in waste.

Speed and Efficiency

Laser cutting also provides a quicker method of cutting when compared to traditional mechanical cutting methods, especially in the case of precise and complex cuts. Contemporary laser cutting can be highly automated, reducing the amount of manual labor required.

Customized Projects

An extremely versatile technology, laser cutting can be used to serve a variety of industries and cuts can create required design replicas for a variety of projects.

Spectrum’s Laser Cutting Capabilities

Spectrum Metalcraft’s laser department uses hi-end fiber flatbed and tube lasers with superior beam quality that provide fast cutting speeds alongside precision cutting with tight tolerances. This ensures cleaner cut edges and the ability to repeat exact patterns rapidly.

Spectrum offers precision cutting on a variety of metals that include: cold roll – mild steel – P&O –galvanized – galvanneal – stainless and aluminum in gauges 22 through 1” mild steel, stainless and aluminum.

Standard 60” X 120” sheetmetal beds on three of the metal fabrication shop lasers keep production rolling smoothly. Additionally, one laser can accommodate 80” X 160” sheets of metal for farming and industrial manufacturers of large equipment such as lawn mower decks.

With the recent purchase of a Trumpf 7000-watt fiber sheet laser and Trumpf 7000-watt fiber tube laser, Spectrum continues its commitment to remain on the cutting edge of these technologies.

About Spectrum Metalcraft:

Spectrum Metalcraft, a Vortex company, is a full-service custom metal fabrication and component manufacturing shop. Spectrum offers a variety of fabrication capabilities including, lasers, robotic welders, blasting booths, and liquid and powder paint systems, among others. Other services provided by Spectrum Metalcraft include cutting, electropolishing, welding, braking, finishing and assembly services. Spectrum’s 125,000 square foot fabrication facility is located in Salina, Kansas. Formerly known as Kasa Fab, Spectrum Metalcraft was acquired by Vortex Global in September 2018.

To learn more about services provided and how Spectrum can assist in your metal fabrication needs, visit or call 785-825-5612.