Spectrum Metalcraft Announces Facility Renovations

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Spectrum Metalcraft Announces Facility Renovations

Spectrum Metalcraft Announces Extensive Facility Renovations to Bolster Manufacturing Efficiency and Employee Collaboration

Spectrum Metalcraft, a subsidiary of the Salina Vortex Corporation, is pleased to announce the upcoming renovations to their custom metal fabrication facilities to better serve their clients, team members and business growth. The renovations will include a new multifunction meeting area, streamlining of manufacturing processes, and a complete overhaul of their offices.

The new meeting area, named the "Peterson Family Conference Center" in honor of the company's founders, will provide a versatile spot for meetings, training, and events. CEO Travis Young expressed his enthusiasm for the new addition, stating, "We are thrilled to have a dedicated space for our team and clients to come together and collaborate. The Peterson Family Conference Center will enhance our ability to provide exceptional results to our customers."

In addition to the new meeting area, Spectrum Metalcraft will also be expanding offices to the Northwest of the current facility. The new office area will feature a collaborative 7500 sq. ft workspace. In addition, new restroom facilities will also be added that will double as a severe weather shelter.

The renovations will also bring about an extensive streamlining of the manufacturing process at Spectrum Metalcraft. This will ensure a smoother flow of materials, from raw inputs to finished products. The aim is to eliminate any bottlenecks in the production process, reduce waste and inefficiencies, and increase the rate at which finished goods are produced. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and leveraging data analytics, the company plans to optimize the use of resources, reduce lead times, and improve inventory management.

CEO Travis Young shared his vision for the renovation, saying, "Our goal is to create a state-of-the-art facility for our team members to foster efficiency, productivity, and innovation. This renovation will not only benefit our team but also our clients as we continue to provide high-quality products and services."

Renovations are currently underway and are expected to take approximately 8-9 months, with an anticipated completion date in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2024. Spectrum Metalcraft is committed to minimizing any disruptions to their operations during this time and ensuring a smooth transition for their team members and clients.

With this expansion, Spectrum Metalcraft is positioned to sustain their growth and success in the metal fabrication industry while adding new career opportunities in the Salina community. The exciting new features being introduced will enhance the company's capabilities and services, further solidifying their position as a premier advanced fabrication services provider.